Control and audit server access

Werbot solves almost all the problems of server access storage, sharing and auditing, server security monitoring, and performing tasks.

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What the problems are

Access storage

You are still storing your server access in mails, tasks, tables or notes.

Access sharing

You don't know how to give a one-time or a temporary access without sharing the original access.

Server work audit

How to know what work was performed on your server and how to control it?

Easy management and powerful tool

Creating companies, adding servers and distributing access, inviting employees, auditing work, monitoring server security, performing programmable tasks, and many other useful features.

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6 easy steps to start

Improve your server security just in few minutes!

  1. Add servers

    Create a "company" and add your servers into profile

  2. Add your server key

    After the server is added, add a public key on your server and reload ssh

  3. Send invites to users

    Invite people to register on the platform or use LDAP

  4. Give access

    Choose who can have access to your servers, restrict the access by time or geo-position

  5. Single sign-on

    Now invited users can connect to your servers through a single sign-on using their private login

  6. Monitor user's actions

    You can control the work performed on your servers, view logs and screen casts

Simple, flexible pricing

Choose the best solution. Get full control of your server access.


$5.99 / month
/ hosts
  • Up to 3 hosts accounts
  • Up to 3 members
  • 1 Company
  • Record and replay sessions
  • Certificate based authentication to target hosts
  • Security server console (dev)
  • Firewall, IP, Geo and Time access


$298.99 / month
/ hosts
  • Up to 50 hosts
  • Advanced Plan
  • Up to 200 members
  • Up to 20 Companies
  • LDAP support
  • Tasks (Ansible) support (dev)


from$998.99 / month
/ hosts
  • From 100 hosts
  • Pro Plan
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Security server console+ (dev)
  • Installation on your server

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