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Creating projects, adding servers and distributing access, inviting employees, auditing work, monitoring server security, performing programmable tasks, and many other useful features.

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Hit your problems, with Werbot
Take a look at all your servers information. Track how many people have access to your servers and manage them in the easiest way.
access countries
Firewall, black and white lists setup. Allow or deny access for each server by:
  • Country
  • IP address
  • Network
Not sure what work is performed on your server? With Werbot nothing will escape from you!
  • Record all session actions
  • Replay recorded actions in browser
command log
Want to know more and track every single command? Go into details!
  • Get logs of every command executed in the console.
  • Search for a command by the time of execution.
Need to restrict working time on your server? Werbot scheduler feature is made for you!
  • Set up server access schedule
  • Stop unauthorized actions
server calendar