Your easy to use platform for storing, sharing and managing server access.

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The server security problem has never been so important as today.
How to give access to an employee or a freelancer to a server and monitor their work?
How to provide one-time server access to outsourced developers so that they can perform the work and never use this access again?
How to restrict access to the server by time or by place?
How to be sure that any person having access to the server will not harm or install unnecessary software on it?
How to protect the server resources from hacker attacks and prevent storing server access in unsafe place?
How quickly and safely share access with all employees if it has been changed?

Sounds familiar? Want to find an easy and effective solution for all your server issues?

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Take full control on your server in a few simple steps
Integrate Werbot in your company workflow
  • Sign up and create a "Company"
    step 1
  • Add your first "Server"
    step 2
  • Invite all your employees to register
    step 3
  • Define allowed users for every server you have added on the platform
    step 4
Need more server security control? Discover special Werbot monitoring features:
  • See who is connected to each server in real time.
  • Schedule a working time, allow or deny user access by country or IP address.
  • Provide one-time access to your server.
  • Get log records of every connection on your server sorted by date.
  • View screen records and see everything that was done on your server.
  • Disable any server access in few seconds.
  • Make any server password or key change seamless for your employees.
We managed to collect in one service the tools that solve all the issues of server access storage, sharing and auditing, server security monitoring, and performing tasks.
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  • Convenient and easy to use interface
  • No need for additional software or special technical skills
  • Secure storage of server access and convenient distribution of sub-accesses
  • Monitoring of users and servers work
  • Keeping all server tools in one place
  • Possibility to be used as a SaaS version or to be installed on a private network
  • Flexible payment system

Flexible and affordable pricing tailored for your business needs

Our subscription plans are based on the number of servers you manage.


$5.99 / month
/ hosts
  • Up to 3 hosts
  • Up to 3 members
  • 1 Project
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Audit Logging & Session Recording
  • Firewall, IP, Geo and Time access


$298.99 / month
/ hosts
  • Advanced Plan
  • Up to 50 hosts
  • Up to 15 databases*
  • Up to 200 web apps*
  • Up to 200 members
  • Up to 20 projects
  • LDAP support

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